Frequently Asked Questions

Turnaround Time

All Orders - Custom Flipbooks are carefully handmade in batches, and take approximately 3-4 weeks to produce. Orders typically ship within 15 business days. Rush orders (less than 10 business days) will be filled with a 50% rush surcharge, if production capacity is available.

U.S. Orders - FlipClips are made in the USA, and ship via USPS First Class mail, which usually arrive 3-4 days after production, so expect your FlipClips to arrive about four weeks (28 days) after you place your orderExpress Shipping will speed that up by 2-3 days. 

International Orders - FlipClips ships globally via USPS Priority Mail International, and our experience is that it takes about a week to reach destinations in Canada, and 2-3 weeks elsewhere, depending on local carriers, so expect your FlipClips to arrive about 5-6 weeks (45 days) after you place your order.

Printing Videos

For great looking flipbooks made from your digital video files, follow these tips:

Get Outside - Sunlight is the best for illuminating your beloved subjects, and videos shot indoors or at night tend to print blurry and almost entirely black, even if they look "pretty good" on your camera or phone.

Get Close - A long shot of your subject won't be nearly as interesting as a close-up, especially if you can capture a beautiful mug making a face.

Framing - Although HD video is great for printing, keep in mind that when holding the book and flipping it, the left part of the printed image is obscured, so the content towards the right is more visible. Frame your subject towards the right of the video, and be sure to shoot in 4:3 instead of 16:9 especially if you're ordering Greeting Card FlipClips.

Printing Images

Zip files - accepts a zip file of numbered jpegs for your content, but when uploading please be absolutely sure that your zip file is no more than 60MB in size, and contains exactly the number of images as the product requires. For the Mini Flipbook that's 24 images. For the Classic Flipbook, 64. For the Storybook, 120. For the Greeting Card, 40 images.

Upload Progress - Before proceeding to the shopping cart, be sure your upload completes successfully (100%) otherwise we may need you to resend your file, delaying the processing of your order. If your file is over 50MB, drop us a line at, and we'll send you a DropBox link.

Custom Covers

You can upload a custom cover design along with your video (upload both files together) by indicating in the "Cover Design" input field that we should use your custom cover.

Use the links below to download an Adobe Illustrator Template File for the appropriate product:

    Mini Flipbook

    StoryBook Flipbook

    Classic Flipbook

    Greeting Card Flipbook

Be sure to outline all text and embed placed artwork before saving as a CMYK PDF.

Bulk Orders

FlipClips accepts bulk orders for all products, and requires approval of a free proof before production begins on the full order. Orders of 100 units or more are considered bulk orders.

Please contact us at: for more information before placing your order.

Bulk pricing is as follows:

Classic Flipbook (64 pages, 3.5" x 2")

  • 100-249: $10

  • 250-499: $8.50

  • 500-999: $7

  • 1000-2499: $6

  • 2500-9999: $5

  • 10000-24999: $4

  • 25000+: $3

Storybook (120 pages, 4.5" x 2.5")

  • 100-249: $18

  • 250-499: $16

  • 500-999: $15

  • 1000-2499: $14

  • 2500-9999: $12

  • 10000-24999: $10

  • 25000-99999: $9

  • 100000+: $8

Greeting Card (40 pages, 4.25" x 3")

  • 100-249: $7

  • 250-999: $6

  • 1000-2499: $5

  • 2500-9999: $4

  • 10000+: $3

Mini Flipbook (24 pages, 3.5" x 2")

  • 250-999: $5

  • 1000-2499: $4

  • 2500-9999: $3.50

  • 10000-24999: $3

  • 25000-99999: $2.50

  • 100000+: $2


Extra Customization

Book dimensions, page counts and cover stock can all be customized even further, with a setup fee of $300. Minimum order for a custom book size is 250 books.